An item I received does not meet the standard I expect. What can I do?

An item I received does not meet the standard I expect. What can I do?

Our personal shoppers take care in ensuring that the products that go in your order are the freshest available. If you're not satisfied with the quality of the products in your order then please contact us.

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      • What do I do if I’m missing an item in my order?

        Any items not supplied in your order will be due to out of stocks when the online team has picked your order. If you have allowed substitutes the team will do their best to find an appropriate alternative.  If they are unable to do so, or if you have ...
      • How do I know my order has been received and confirmed?

        You will receive a confirmation email when your order has been placed. This will include your FOL reference number for your order. 
      • How do I know what Items have been fulfilled in my order?

        You will receive an order summary once your order has been processed.  The order summary will show you the items sent, items substituted and/or any items we could not send due to out of stocks. Items not sent will show as 0 in the quantity shipped ...
      • If I allow a substitute, how does this work?

        At the checkout page you can allow substitutes for any or all of the items in your order. Allowing a substitute means our online team will do their best to select an appropriate substitute if your chosen item is not available at time of picking your ...