Are your hams free range?

Are your hams free range?

Yes, all of our hams are free-range or free-farmed.

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      • Are your hams Gluten Free?

        Yes all our hams are gluten free, raised in New Zealand and free farmed. When the piglet is born, it hangs out in the field with its mum. Then when it is weaned, it is shifted inside to a large barn with lots of hay (free farmed) or allowed to roam ...
      • Are your turkeys free-range?

        Yes, all of our turkeys are free-range or free-farmed and NZ raised.
      • Do you glaze hams in-store?

        No, we don't offer in-store glazing but we do offer a variety of glazes that can be purchased separately. For any ham purchased over 4kg, you will receive a free Farro ham glaze.
      • What is the charge to get my foodkit delivered?

        Nothing, delivery is free of charge.
      • Is the Ham cooked?

        Yes! All hams are cooked and ready to eat.