Can I pick up my foodkit in store instead of getting it delivered?

Can I pick up my foodkit in store instead of getting it delivered?

Yes. You can pick up your foodkits from the following Farro stores: 
Constellation Drive, Grey Lynn, Lunn Ave. 

Pick up days are the 21st-23rd of December and windows are between 08.30-12.30, 12.30-3.30 or 3.30-6pm.

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      • Do I need to be home when my foodkit is delivered?

        No, but if you're not going to be home at the time of delivery please provide notes of where we can leave your foodkit, and aim to retrieve it as soon as possible. Although your kit is packed with ice packs, we don't recommend leaving it out in the ...
      • What is the shelf life on the Christmas Foodkit?

        The ingredients in the Christmas Foodkit will remain fresh for up to 5 days from delivery or pickup. If you have ordered a Foodkit containing turkey, please be aware that the turkey will come frozen, but during the delivery will start the defrosting ...
      • What is the charge to get my foodkit delivered?

        Nothing, delivery is free of charge.
      • Can I request for a foodkit to be delivered for a specific date and time?

        Yes. We'll be delivering orders from 21st - 23rd December. You can specify your preferred delivery date at checkout. Our delivery window is between 9am-3pm, although unfortunately we can't guarantee a specific time within that window as there can be ...
      • Do you glaze hams in-store?

        No, we don't offer in-store glazing but we do offer a variety of glazes that can be purchased separately. For any ham purchased over 4kg, you will receive a free Farro ham glaze.