Does your ham contain nitrates?

Does your ham contain nitrates?

Yes they do, but only small amounts.

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      • Do you sell organic ham?

        No sorry, we are unable to source organic ham in New Zealand but we do stock NZ-raised free-farmed ham.
      • If I have leftover ham what should I do?

        If you don't manage to finish your ham there's no need to worry. Soak a ham bag or tea towel in 5 cups of water and two tablespoons of vinegar, wring out any excess moisture then wrap your ham tightly and pop it in the fridge.
      • Is the Ham cooked?

        Yes! All hams are cooked and ready to eat. 
      • What allergens do the turkey roasts contain?

        Traces of soy, dairy and gluten in all turkey roasts (there's no gluten in the Turkey Roast Blood Orange & Cranberry, but please note it is prepared in a kitchen that handles gluten). Canter Valley turkeys are Gluten Free. 
      • Does your Christmas Foodkit contain allergens?

        Yes. Our Christmas foodkit contains dishes with gluten, dairy, egg, seafood, sesame, soy, and nuts. Please contact us on or phone 09 360 0499 for suggestions on how to adjust recipes to suit specific dietary needs.