Is the Ham cooked?

Is the Ham cooked?

Yes! All hams are cooked and ready to eat. 

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      • Do you sell organic ham?

        No sorry, we are unable to source organic ham in New Zealand but we do stock NZ-raised free-farmed ham.
      • If I have leftover ham what should I do?

        If you don't manage to finish your ham there's no need to worry. Soak a ham bag or tea towel in 5 cups of water and two tablespoons of vinegar, wring out any excess moisture then wrap your ham tightly and pop it in the fridge.
      • Does your ham contain nitrates?

        Yes they do, but only small amounts.
      • How do I know what size ham to buy?

        We recommend that you allow for 400g per person for bone in hams and 250 grams for champagne or bone-drawn hams.
      • Do you glaze hams in-store?

        No, we don't offer in-store glazing but we do offer a variety of glazes that can be purchased separately. For any ham purchased over 4kg, you will receive a free Farro ham glaze.